Very good poker room - Review of Seneca Niagara Casino ...

V-Day Weekend Report + history

(Sorry for the long post - TLDR - a story of 3 days of craps, a hit and run, and a hockey game)
Little history, Seneca Niagara / Seneca Buffalo Creek are my local casino's. I have always been a Poker player first at the Casino (Hold'Em @ Seneca Niagara), and when my SO is with me, I'll dabble in some slots as well. A little over a year ago, on a trip to Vegas to see a hockey game, a friend and I decided to learn to play craps at NYNY where we were staying. Having never thrown dice in my life, it was interesting to say the least at first. Played a little bit last year, and again when I was in Vegas with the SO - but primarily stuck to poker / slots.
Circle forward to this past December, and I was at the Venetian / Palazzo for a Conference and had some time after my first day, and decided to give it a whirl. Well, needless to say the table was rocking and 2 first time shooters made everyone a lot of money. I was still new so not pressing much, though with the help of the dealers giving me some pointers, ran up my initial $200 - to $1300 before I left. The next few days after my conference were fun, but had the normal ups and downs until the last night before leaving I had another decent $400-$1100 win (tables were normally always $15 min).
These past 6 weeks, I've made a trip down to the Buffalo Creek casino on Friday's and have had some mild success. Routinely playing for a few hours and making decent money - they are always $15 min when I go, so it's become the norm.
My typical play is as follows:
- $15 Pass line / $5 Horn-Hi YO - 6/8 point - $25 odds on the pass - 5/9 point - $20 odds on the pass - 4/10 pt - $15 odds on the pass
On a hit point, it's always a $45 pay with the above. I'll deviate if I'm winning more, and I tend to play much looser (which is probably -EV, but it's how I played poker too)
On 6/8 point - I'll do $18 on the other, and $15 on the 10 typically On 5/9 point - I'll do $51 across / inside On 4/10 point - it's dependent on the session but I'll do $51 or $66
Pressing / and how much is dependent on the shooter and how I'm doing - the past few weeks I've been doing pretty good as stated above. Nothing earth shattering, but been making $100-300ish per session.
This past V-Day, the SO and I went to the Buffalo Creek after dinner and I wanted to try to get her on the tables to shoot, but she was too confused, lol - ok understandable, and it was packed so I got it.
After 7PM, the room typically has (2) $15 min tables, and a $25 table
Started off on the $15 with my typical $200 buyin (I know it's light, but for some reason it's what I start with) - no particular noticeable rollers, and after 25-30 mins, I was down to less than $50 - and bought in for another $200. Our friends stopped in and I ended up getting off the table to walk around and socialize some, total in $400, and when I got up I had about $85 left - so (-$315)
After about 15-20 mins, my SO and the friends settled at a Blackjack table, so I went back to find a spot, which there was none, lol. Took the $85 I had, throw in another $25 for $110 total and went to the $25 buyin to kill time.
New shooter, I went $30 6/8 and $25 on the 5/9 - point came out as a 10.
Hit 3 numbers 6,6,9 before the point was hit, so had some more money to play.
$25 PL bet, and $5 craps - 7, collect $25 (another $5 craps) - 7, collect $25 (another $5 craps) - point 8
Moved my 8 to a 10 and bought it for $25 - so I'm setup with $25 5/9/10 $30 6
First roll 6 - pressed to 42 Second roll 6 - pressed to 60 Third roll 5 - pressed to 35 Forth roll 9 - pressed to 35 Fifth roll.....PSO (sigh!)
Went on for a little bit longer back and forth, but all told after about 20 mins or so, I believe I was at $160ish (ended up trying to recoup vs pressing after the PSO)
Ended up getting on a different $15 table up front with my friend who I originally learned with in Vegas, and told him to play however he wants and not to follow me. We rolled with a semi-full table for about 30 mins, and all told I think I ended up +300 for the session.
Final tally on craps for the night +$150 (I believe it was right around there) - not bad.
Saturday comes around and I'm feeling the need to play more - so after some family time and a swim meet / dinner - I head back. Just complete and utter disaster, lol - every table be it a $15, or $25 - would go Point Set / PSO - or the like. I went between tables, and just was getting smacked around. Everyone was losing, and I ended up -$1000 for the night. Was down $1200, but ended up getting $200 at the very end, and wanted to leave on a positive, LOL. That was short lived however, as I was stopped at a red light next to another car, and some genius thought it would be a good time to try to fit in between us with his car (obviously not all mentally cognitive at the time) - not much damage, but the kicker is the guy gave me and the other car his insurance info, and 5 mins later while the cops were on the way, decided to leave the times were had!!
Queue Sunday night, and I was heading to the Buffalo Sabres / Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey game with my brother, but decided to hit the tables (it's a block away from the arena) before I picked him up as I had to go downtown to get the police report from the accident. Only 1 $15 table open and the $25 - but the $15 was run over with people. I only had about 45 mins anyway, so I took $140 and went to the $25.
Come out roll $5 any craps, $30 6/8, $25 5/9 - small roll, but hit enough to be up to $200ish New roller came out, and I decided to go all in: $25 PL, $5 craps - point set as a 6 - set $25 odds - $30 8 / $25 5/9 - and $5 each hard way
Roller had a good run, hit some points, hit the 6 - and went on for about 15 mins - all told ended up, up $300 from my initial $140, after the PSO. I was chatting with some older gentleman who were at the tables the night before when I lost, and they said the same thing - things were super cold (though they lost $3-4K a piece...)
The hockey game on the other hand was AMAZING. Anytime Toronto is in Buffalo it's fucking crazy, and last night was no different. The good guys ended up winning 5-2, but there were more Leafs fans than Sabres fans and it made for some tense times. That's a story for another day, lol
Probably longer than I should have wrote, and more fluff than needed - but end result down about $600ish for the weekend.
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800 hours at live PLO, results + graph

Last year, I made an 800 hour post when I hit 800 hours at live low stakes 1/2 - 2/3 NLHE.
Yesterday, I finally passed the 800 hour mark in live PLO and wanted to post the results here as there are a lot of NLHE graphs but I almost never see PLO results (especially live). I live in Vegas but these results include several sessions from Atlantic city, Seneca Niagara casino, Foxwoods, and other random east coast casinos sprinkled in.
-I've played roughly 1M+ hands online of PLO.
-My current online avg stake is 1/2 PLO and occasionally 2/4 PLO
-I play on Global, WSOP, ACR, tiny bit of ignition
-I use to enjoy short stacking online, especially vs Joey Ingram to get him riled up. I always buy in maximum live.
-Biggest winning day: +6500, Biggest losing day: -11,500
-Stakes are 1/2/5 -2/5/10 and 2-3 short sessions of 5/10/20
-PLO is a really fun game and a lot of action and more people should get into it. You can also play like 50%+ hands in some live games and get away with it.
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Where do Rochesterians go to gamble?

I have an itch and wanted to go to a casino with some buds. What is near Rochester? I don't have a lot of gambling experience. I have heard of Turning Stone near Syracuse and know there are some casinos in Buffalo. Unfortunately Canada is out of the question as some people have DWIs, and can't cross. We were looking for Slots, Black Jack and Poker. Any recommendations???
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800 hours at 1/2 live NLHE

I like it when other people post their graphs and stats on here so I figured I'd throw mine in as well since its a pretty decent sample size although my stats aren't too impressive.
These are all casino 1/2-1/3 NLHE games.
2.)graph by session
3.)most $ made by rooms
4.)least $ made by rooms
5.)earnings by weekday
Things to note:
-I've tipped almost $1600, mostly $1 at a time. I average about $2/hr in tipping. I use to tip every hand, but when I started keeping track of this stat, I've cut back on my tipping a bit.
-I use to live in Buffalo NY and played a bit at Seneca Niagara Casino. 222 hours are from there. The rest is mostly in Las Vegas where I currently reside and a few random casinos throughout USA that I stopped at.
-I don't ever game select. In fact, I do grind a few bit of promotions (thats why I have so many hours at South Point, they had a 180k freeroll for doing 100 hours). This means that even if a game is terrible, I will continue playing it. Most of these hours are from random poker room promotion periods and those games are pretty bad with a lot of nits and promo grinders. Harrah's is my worst location as I grinded their morning games to try to win a WSOP ME seat. (I got 3rd in the tourney to qualify and only 1st got the seat)
-I play poker for a living primarily online. I grind live 1/2 and 1/3 games mostly for fun or out of boredom or if I feel like carpooling to the strip with my roommates to donk around for a bit.
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Buck Ramsay wins the Seneca Niagara Summer Slam

One of the most exciting live poker tournaments in the United States scheduled for early August came to an end, with Buck Ramsay being the big winner. He participated in several side events, but the highlight of the tournament was the Seneca Niagara Summer Slam main event which attracted a total of 339 players. Among those who found it worthwhile to participate in this tournament were several poker professionals, but none of them made the final table. Those who paid $600 to participate knew that the first prize was going to exceed $40,000, which is exactly what happened. The winner could've won significantly more, but when heads-up began the remaining two players decided that it would be better to reach an agreement. It is common practice when it comes to live poker tournaments for the finalist to propose some terms and if they reach a mutually beneficial conclusion, a deal is made. The purpose of online poker is to make the entire activity more convenient, without stripping it of its social component. This is why online poker rooms, such as PKR are going to great lengths to make sure that those who choose their services, are not deprived of the same thrills and opportunities. This particular poker room relies on state-of-the-art software, which makes it possible for players to interact with each other on multiple levels. Seeing your opponent and being able to monitor his reactions during big hands is a great addition to the game and serves those who have a keen eye for details. Buck Ramsay did a fine job at observing his opponents throughout the tournament and it came as no surprise that he dominated the final table. He had a decent stack in front of him when this last stage of the tournament began and he didn't settle for a high placement, but aimed to win the trophy. Now that the 2014 Seneca Niagara Summer Slam Main Even came to an end, Ramsay needs to decide whether he will be traveling to Europe for a string of tournaments or shift to online action. Check out the payout structure: 1 Buck Ramsay $41,7442 Jacob Ostrander $33,7703 Dan Wagner $19,0954 Vince Palma $13,3185 Geoff O'Connor $9,9986 Todd Saffron $8,4207 Travell Thomas $6,6208 Ray Book $5,4849 Brian Healy $4,70010 John Grace $3,721
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Joe Ciffa wins second Summer Slam event

In a matter of days, the Seneca Niagara Summer Slam tournament will come to an end, with everyone anxiously waiting for the Main Event. Meanwhile, participants were more than interested in the prospect of winning a lot of money in sight tournaments, with Joe Ciffa being by far the most prolific so far. His success story began with Event 2 when he pocketed in excess of $10,000 and just one day later, he returned to the tables for the third event. This time, he made the final table with a healthy stack, but he ran into tough competition, which explains why it took so long for a winner to be decided. In the first few hours, players were eliminated fairly quickly, until only five were left standing. The difference between making the podium and finishing outside of it is quite significant in terms of money earned, so nobody was willing to gamble. The inevitable happened and once Jim Burkett was sent to the rail, the remaining three players were pit against a difficult decision. The obvious choice was to keep playing for the ultimate trophy and the corresponding payouts, but they chose to split the pot evenly. The reason for why they didn't want to let luck decide the outcome of the tournament is that they spent a lot of time trying to build a stack. Once it became obvious that each of them will receive a bit over $4000, the three players decided to end the tournament once level 20 would conclude. The one who had the chip lead at that moment would be crowned winner and luckily for Joe Ciffa he won a massive pot just a couple of hands before level XXI was supposed to start. This meant that he won his second tournament in just two days, a formidable performance that is unlikely to be matched or exceeded before the series concludes. Check out the Summer Slam Event 3 Final Table Results below: 1. Joe Ciffa - $4,0782. Bruce Pace - $4,0783. Aaron Obstein - $4,0784. Jim Burkett - 1,9785. Scott Hosbach - $1,4396. Pierre Gautreau - 1,1007. Brian Bowen - $8468. Jonathan Revere - $5299. Maurice Sessum - $52910. Travell Thomas - $434 Live action will continue as soon as the Summer Slam gets wrapped up at Seneca Niagara Casino, but players won't have to take a prolonged break. Betfair Poker keeps the flame alive over the Internet with a nice variety of cash games and tournaments that are supposed to suit all bankrolls and skill levels.
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Scott Hosbach wins opening event at the 2014 Summer Slam

The 2014 Summer Slam started this weekend and Seneca Niagara Casino is the gracious host for the event bringing together an eclectic mix of amateurs and professionals. The first event was not necessarily a large one, at least not if compared to other live poker tournaments, but is represented an important milestone for participants. As always, those who attend such competitions are playing game various events and don't limit themselves to one tournament, but try to start on the right foot. Scott Hosbach is one of those who can be thrilled about his recent performance, as he prevailed in the first tournament and collected a cool $3100. Granted this is the buy-in for some bigger tournaments, winning the $200 no-limit hold'em deepstack turbo tournament represents quite a performance for the poker amateur. He had to outshine a total of 108 players and did a brilliant job at keeping his cool and building on his temporary chip lead. By the time he made the final table, he had a significant lead over the pack and was smart enough not to shift into a less aggressive gear. The surviving 10 players were adamant and none of them gave up, but one by one players were sent to the rail, leaving the last five evenly matched. Scott was still ahead at this time but the remaining players decided that it was a good idea to contemplate the possibility of a deal. It didn't take long for them to reach a conclusion and by the time the break ended, they were quite happy to split the pot evenly. This meant that each player was guaranteed to receive $2600, with the winner to take home an additional $500 for his effort. At the end of the day it was Scott Hosbach who survived the heads up, in a highly competitive final played against Paula Rasmussen. These sorts of deals are quite frequent over the Internet, where players don't like the idea of allowing luck decide the outcome of the tournament. After spending many hours at the tables in one of the biggest weekly tournaments, Ladbrokes Poker players are given the chance to split the pot according to their chips. Sometimes, those who are ahead need to make some concessions to reach an agreement and on rare occasions no deal is made, which means that players are left fighting until the bitter end. This was not the case in the opening event of the 2014 Summer Slam, with the final table results being displayed below: 1. Scott Hosbach - $3,1002. Paula Rasmussen - $2,6003. Matthew Caramanna - $2,6004. Brett Ansel - $2,6005. Greg Illig - $2,6006. Steve Rumery - $9077. D.J. MacKinnon - $7738. Paul McLean - $5939. Sam Guercio - $47110. Darrin Bracken - $336
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Seneca Niagara to host the Summer Slam series

The World Series of poker 2014 will resume in November, but meanwhile poker fans have plenty of reasons to stay for a bit longer in the United States. The next big tournament is scheduled for July 25 and Seneca Niagara will be the gracious host for the Summer Slam series. The tournament will last for exactly 10 days and the winner will be decided on August 3rd, with a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000 to be split among those who participate in the main event. In order to become a part of this glamorous event, interested players need to pay $600 which is a reasonable amount for a tournament of such magnitude. It all begins with the $200 No-Limit Hold'em Turbo Deepstack on August 25, which is merely a warm-up for the main events. Last year, the winner took down a cool $23,000 and it was Andy Spears who emerged victorious. Not surprising, he announced that he will be present this year as well and he's expected to be joined by Neil Walker who is a local and has recently won the Western New York Poker Challenge. Regular players and beginners will have plenty of smaller tournaments to choose from and even the smallest event of $125 buy-in has a guaranteed prize pool of $50,000. There are no qualifiers running live for this tournament, but those who have an account with Titan Poker can simply grind the necessary buy-in. Time is quickly running out, so interested players should act fast, as this is the full schedule for the 2014 Summer Slam: Event Date Time Tournament 1 Friday, July 25 11 a.m. $200 No-Limit Hold'em Turbo Deepstack2 Saturday, July 26 11 a.m. $300 No-Limit Hold'em3 Sunday, July 27 11 a.m. $200 No-Limit Hold'em4 Sunday, July 27 6 p.m. $100 No-Limit Hold'em5 Monday, July 28 11 a.m. $125 No-Limit Hold'em Flight A ($50K Guaranteed)5 Monday, July 28 6 p.m. $125 No-Limit Hold'em Flight B ($50K Guaranteed)5 Tuesday, July 29 11 a.m. $125 No-Limit Hold'em Flight C ($50K Guaranteed)5 Tuesday, July 29 6 p.m. $125 No-Limit Hold'em Flight D ($50K Guaranteed)5 Wednesday, July 30 11 a.m. $125 No-Limit Hold'em Flight E ($50K Guaranteed)5 Wednesday, July 30 6 p.m. $125 No-Limit Hold'em Flight F ($50K Guaranteed)5 Thursday, July 31 12 p.m. $125 No-Limit Hold'em Day 2 ($50K Guaranteed)6 Friday, August 1 11 a.m. $600 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event Day 1a ($100K Guaranteed)6 Saturday, August 2 11 a.m. $600 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event Day 1b ($100K Guaranteed)6 Sunday, August 3 11 a.m. $600 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event Day 2 ($100K Guaranteed)*7 Sunday, August 3 11 a.m. $200 No-Limit Hold'em
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Scott Hosbach wins the first event at 2014 Seneca Niagara Fall Poker Classic

The 2014 Seneca Niagara Fall Poker Classic has begun and even though it will run in parallel with the World Series of Poker Main Even final table, the two tournaments won't compete for players. The latter will begin with just nine participants, as the final table was decided earlier this summer, with the winners to claim millions of dollars. By comparison, those who play in the 2014 Seneca Niagara Fall Poker Classic are competing for smaller payouts, making the tournament a target for beginners and amateurs. The opening event brought together 144 players, with each of them paying the buy-in of $500, which led to a prize pool of more than $60,000. One by one, the few poker professionals were eliminated from the race and the final table began later the same day, with Scott Hosbach leading the pack. He decided to play sheriff and push opponents around, which worked for a while, as he caused the untimely elimination of three opponents. As the number of surviving players was reduced to just six of them, action slowed down considerably and Scott started to bleed chips. Some of his peers took advantage and consolidated their position, which explains why the remaining four players were so evenly matched. Immediately after Scott Gaddi was eliminated in the fifth-place, the surviving players realized that could go either way. Instead of allowing luck to decide the fate of this tournament, they chose to split the money equally, despite the fact that there were slight differences between their stacks. Once this agreement was made, there was no pressure whatsoever on these four players and action picked up speed, with Scott being once again in control. He made short work of the other three players and sent two of them to the rail, playing the heads up against Shogie Saysamone. A couple of hands later, it was all over and Hosbach claimed the first prize in the opening event of the 2014 Seneca Niagara Fall Poker Classic, even though, he won exactly the same amount as the next three players. This is not the first time that he wins a major tournament, with Scott prevailing at the 2014 Seneca Summer Slam a few months ago. Betfair Poker ran satellites for this tournament and a couple of their members who won these qualifiers, got the chance to participate without actually paying the buy-in. This is how the final table looked like at the 2014 Seneca Niagara Fall Poker Classic: 1 Scott Hosbach $10,3342 Shogie Saysamone $10,3343 Brian McCormick $10,3344 D.J. MacKinnon $10,3345 Scott Gaddi $4,1866 Nick Walker $3,2017 Bob Herman $2,4628 Adam Foster $1,9089 Rob Bourkney $1,53910 Tom MacKinnon $1,262
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Casino Poker in Southern Ontario

I'm wondering if you guys have any opinions on poker rooms in Southern Ontario. Niagara is my closest location and they have the Fallsview and Casino Niagara on the Canadian side and then Seneca right across the border.
Any thoughts and these 3 or other nearby casinos?
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Clarification on a rule please

Hi /poker, here is the rule that I came across today, I've never heard it or seen it before so I am curious if others are aware of it, if it is more common than I know and if I can get an explanation of the reason for it.
Situation: 1-2 NL Hold'em
UTG makes it 7
UTG+1 goes all in for 10
1 or 2 callers and some folds to me in late position.
I try to raise it to 20 and am told I cannot.
RULE: I am not allowed to raise. My only options are call and fold.
The further explanation from a friend was that because the all-in bet was less than half of the raise amount. I can't raise it.
This makes no sense to me. I know that because it wasn't a full raise it doesn't reopen the betting for the original raiser (UTG) but why am I, a player who has yet to act, losing options because an earlier player went all in for to little.
Can anyone give me some more info here.
For those that are curious this happened at the Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls, NY
EDIT: corrected term to be UTG (been a while since I've discussed poker, I've forgotten so many terms)
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[BN] Cuomo pushing Las Vegas-style casino in Western New York; What's your opinion on casinos in and around Buffalo?

ALBANY – Frustrated by the lack of a casino revenue agreement with the Seneca Nation, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Wednesday proposed permitting a new Las Vegas-style casino in Western New York if voters statewide approve a gambling expansion amendment to the state constitution.
If that statewide plan fails, Cuomo proposed locating two gambling halls with slot-like machines in Western New York to compete with the three Seneca casinos.
The dramatic escalation of the state's fight with the Senecas came a day after Seneca President Barry Snyder Sr. called Cuomo a “bully” in between Snyder's meetings with state legislative leaders to try to beat back Cuomo's casino expansion plan. Cuomo officials, according to sources involved in the negotiations, called Snyder's comments the final straw that led to the governor releasing his bill Wednesday with the added Western New York gambling sites to challenge Seneca casino operations.
The casino bill still needs legislative approval and the backing of a separate constitutional amendment change by voters in a statewide referendum as early as this fall.
The bill calls for a “destination resort” casino located in Western New York if the Seneca Nation's 2002 casino compact with the state is not in “good standing.” It does not say who determines such standing, and the Senecas have insisted Cuomo cannot unilaterally impose such a condition.
In addition, the legislation states that two new video lottery terminal facilities, which offer slot-like devices such as those at the Hamburg and Batavia harness tracks, can open in Western New York if voters do not approve the broader statewide casino expansion. The VLT facilities cannot offer table games such as poker, but the existing nine track-based casinos have proven increasingly successful for their operators in recent years.
Both sides said Wednesday evening that negotiations have not broken down and that talks are continuing, but Cuomo has publicly and privately described the progress as nonexistent.
The governor's overall casino plan would locate the first three of seven casinos in upstate regions. He divides upstate into six areas but takes two out of the running – a large swath of Central and Northern New York – because of recent deals he cut with Indian tribes already operating casinos in those areas.
If the Senecas and the state reach a deal to end the dispute that has halted $600 million in tribe revenue-sharing payments to the state and Buffalo, Salamanca and Niagara Falls, the region would be taken off the list of eligible areas for a Class III casino that offers the full array of gambling, except betting on sports.
The additional casino and two possible VLT-only casinos for Western New York would be competitively bid, with the operators chosen by the state Gaming Commission, which Cuomo controls, or a panel appointed by the commission.
The Senecas, under their 2002 compact with New York State, were granted exclusive gambling rights in a large zone that extends from about the middle of the Finger Lakes region to Lake Erie.
While Cuomo proposed a new Class III casino for Western New York if the state and Senecas don't resolve their fight, the two other facilities could only offer video lottery terminals. No table games would be allowed in those facilities, which would only be placed in the region if the Senecas' compact was no longer considered valid.
Cuomo has floated the idea of trying to get a commercial developer to open a casino in downtown Niagara Falls as direct competition to the Seneca Niagara Casino.
Wednesday, Snyder said in an interview with The Buffalo News, in which he twice called Cuomo a “bully,” that the tribe doesn't fear Cuomo's threats and believes that its casino in Niagara Falls would still flourish even with new competition.
Other upstate areas that could have a Las Vegas-style casino would be a part of the Southern Tier, the greater Albany area and the lower Hudson Valley, including the Catskills region. Casinos would be banned in New York City. Other areas of downstate could get one of the remaining four casinos under the seven-casino plan, but not until at least five years after the first upstate casino opens.
The Cuomo plan also calls for casino franchise operators to pay the state at least $50 million in upfront fees and to pay Albany 25 percent of gross gaming revenues. That is less than half the tax rate imposed on racetrack-based casinos, meaning the future gambling operations under the Cuomo plan will be far more lucrative to their owners and provide a smaller percentage of funding to the state than the nine track casinos.
Bettors must be age 21 or older to gamble in the facilities, and, unlike the Indian casinos, gamblers will not be able to smoke in the casinos under the Cuomo plan. The legislation also proposes to ban political contributions by casino applicants to statewide or state legislative officials, and a new Inspector General's Office would be created within the Gaming Commission.
Lawmakers and Cuomo have until June 20 to negotiate the casino bill before the scheduled end of the 2013 legislative session. Lawmakers last year approved a resolution amending the state constitution to permit up to seven new casinos; the same, vague resolution has to be approved again this year if voters are to consider it in November. That 17-word resolution states that casino gambling will be permitted at no more than seven new facilities in the state.
A separate enabling bill, like the one Cuomo proposed Wednesday, is needed to lay out the specifics of how the casino expansion would work; there is nothing to stop future governors or lawmakers from changing those terms if voters approve the casino amendment to the constitution this fall.
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BIGGEST JACKPOT OF MY LIFE!! 🔥😳🔥 Filmed LIVE with Brian ... Seneca Casino Niagara Falls Live from Seneca Niagara Casino Crazy 16,000$ JACKPOT IN NIAGARA FALLS CASINO - YouTube CSI Slot Machine Bonus - Max Bet - Seneca Niagara Casino Live play from seneca niagara casino!! Seneca Casinos - YouTube

Seneca Niagara Casino: Very good poker room - See 1,799 traveler reviews, 214 candid photos, and great deals for Niagara Falls, NY, at Tripadvisor. Up the ante in Seneca Gaming and Entertainment's world-class Poker Room – the only one of its kind in Niagara Falls, New York. Located on the first floor next to the Bus Lobby, the Poker Room offers 16 tables and all levels of play. We’ve got the perfect game for you. Join the action with live Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Seven Card Stud games. The Poker Room at Seneca Niagara even offers a ... Seneca Poker Room. Very good players...great staff. Need to bring back the 3 month loyalty tournament. A lot of the regular tournament... Read More. Dbarvian. Dbarvian wrote a review about Seneca Niagara in Niagara Falls, NY 5 4 3 2 1. Apr 25, 2016. Nice room, fun tournaments . Thankfully this poker room is basically in my back yard. I'm just getting my feet wet playing in a casino, more than ... The Seneca Niagara casino defines excitement. Seneca Niagara offers endless ways to win with the most sought-after slot, table, keno, and poker games in New York. Feel the anticipation, experience the thrill, and claim your fortune at Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino. Social Club by Seneca . Social Club by Seneca is the way to get more for your play. Earn and redeem points and enjoy all the ... Keep up with all the action in the Seneca Niagara Poker Room. Real time updates for all games and tournaments on BravoPokerLive. Download the app now! Visit our world-class Poker Room and try your hand at . Texas Hold'em, Omaha and 7 Card Stud. Seneca Gaming & Entertainment's Poker Room at the Seneca Niagara Casino and Hotel has 23 tables and all levels of play, so it's easy to get in the game ... online casino. Seneca Gaming & Entertainment Seneca Poker We offer 2 great locations for all your poker excitement! Thank you for visiting our BRAND NEW WEBSITE for Seneca Poker! Please be sure to check out each locations pages for information about specific hours, tournaments, promotions, directions, and much more! Need Additional Information? Please call us! Niagara Falls: 877-873-6322 ...

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Poker Vlog Seneca Niagara Falls Casino NY #18 - Duration: 13:27. Pinoy Image 6,628 views. 13:27. High limit quick hit slot win with retrigger. 40 free spins. - Duration: 2:31. ... TOP 6 MOST CRAZY POKER HANDS OF ALL TIME! - Duration: 29:27. FuryTV Recommended for you. 29:27 ... Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino Hotel view room 18 FL - Duration: 1:25. HP11208 1,301 views. 1 ... 🔔 Click to SUBSCRIBE and click the BELL Icon to be notified when I go LIVE or upload a video!The two days prior to the recording of this video, my channel w... Live from Seneca Niagara casino - Duration: 1:02:01. Michelle Dixie Chick Slots 2,001 views. 1:02:01 . Huge wins! Lots of Spins & Retriggers on Class 2 slots!! Wind Creek Wetumpka - Duration: 14 ... Ahi Tuna Poke, with Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino's Executive Chef Oliver Wolf - Duration: 3 minutes, 37 seconds. 370 views; 3 years ago; 0:43. Gino Vannelli coming to #SenecaNiagara - Duration ... Casino Niagara is nearing completion of a $7-million upgrade, reaffirming to the community that it is here to stay. The Source's Darren Sawyer talked to Niagara Casinos President Richard Taylor ... Hey everyone thanks for stopping by, be sure to leave a like on the video and subscribe for more future content! CSI Slot Machine Bonus - Max Bet - Seneca Niagara Casino ... Sensational FINAL TABLE World Poker Tour 5 Diamons.High class Poker. - Duration: 43:58. PokerBestVideos Recommended for you. 43:58 ...